Blossom Print Chiffon Scarf

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Not content to wear his heart on his sleeve and his school on his feet, Academy President Bart Griffith '93 issued a directive: expand the President's Collection so well-heeled Bulldogs everywhere can represent SSA with pride and style. Our neckwear options from Knotty Tie Co. are a natural choice for the collection. Not only do they meet President Griffith's high bar for stylishness, they do so with both environmental and humanitarian responsibility. 

Winter 2023 additions and restocks from Knotty Tie are NOW IN STOCK!!

Our Blossom Print Chiffon Scarf incorporates the SSA monogram into a delicate pattern of repeating blue and white flowers. Versatile 60" x 18" rectangle. Comes pre-packaged in its own 100% recycled and recyclable Knotty Ties box - perfect for gifting! 

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